I want to create an environment where I can process my dreams, share my dreams, inspire others to dream, and (most importantly) to never give up on the dreams that are rooted so deep in our hearts, souls, and minds. Big dreams have small starts.

About Kylie
Kylie grew up in Southern California and pursued her artistic endeavors as a child. She gathered inspiration from everywhere to create her artwork: from using an ISBN number on the back of a textbook to create patterns within a painting, to blindly drawing a cityscape contour and imagining the possibilities. Her love for cities grew as she concentrated in cityscape and landscape for her first formal portfolio. At 18, she moved to New York City, where she Studied at New York University in the School of Liberal Arts, earning credentials in Art History, Business & Economics. She continues to live in Manhattan gathering inspiration for her drawings and paintings by the pulse, charm, and wonder of the city.

In front of the NYPL on 5th Ave

About the Art
I like to ask my friends and family, what they love about about where they live: if there is a particular place, a vision, or a feeling they get when they think about home. I try to create pieces according to what inspires them; and what they would choose to love everyday if they bought a painting. I don’t have a particular medium I like to work with, but rather more of a particular subject: cities. When I moved to New York, it was because God had placed that desire in my heart so long ago. Every time I look at a picture of New York, it reminds me that God cares about our desires, our dreams, and even where we live. So for me, right now, New York is home. Even after all this time, the city has not lost its luster for me and I pray that it never does. My hope is that my art will inspire, bring peace, and provide a sense of home and nostalgia. So follow me on my journey as I dream, write, and illustrate.



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